Falling into Place

I feel like I’ve barely started this blog and now I’m already behind! Some of you know that I took care of my great-grandmother for a few months. She passed away in June, and every week following I had one crazy event or another, which is why I haven’t been able to get online to blog. But it’s been an amazing summer!

I met with Daniel and Tetyana Yarbrough this week! We had a great time getting to know each other over dinner. They were able to answer our questions, the main one being: is it safe? And yes, it is safe. The country is about the size of Texas, and while there is fighting in Ukraine and Russia is trying to take over, the fighting is more than an overnight’s train ride away. Tetyana said that unless you’re listening to the news, it’s easy to forget there’s a war in the first place. In addition, it’s pretty much a stalemate right now. Russia doesn’t have the power to push through all the way. If it did, then Ukraine would already be part of Russia.

But, rest assured, there is a backup plan. The base is only an hour’s drive away from Moldova. If the fighting moves closer to Vinnitsa, then we can pile into the van and drive away. However, that is a very remote possibility. So, at the moment, it seems like the road is cleared for Ukraine. The next step is to finish filling out my registration forms. Then I can really start fundraising!

And in another exciting development, I found out last night that I’ve been cast in my uncle’s production of Mary Poppins! For the next two months, I’ll be living with my family in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and working at Chick fil A. This has been my dream for two years, ever since I saw their production of Cinderella. Everything is falling into place for this next year, and I am beyond thrilled! As always, I would appreciate prayers as I quickly get ready to move in the next few days. 

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