What About College?

It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon here in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. We had a good rehearsal this morning, and I am beyond excited for this show! I’ll post more about Mary Poppins as we get closer to the performance. But today I want to talk about college.

Several people have asked me about college and how taking a gap year would impact that. I’ve known that I wanted to do YWAM for awhile. Last spring we started seriously looking at the implications for college if I were to choose this path. Would it affect scholarships? Would I still be considered a freshman?

I will still be counted as a freshman at most schools and be eligible for the freshman scholarships. The most concerning question we had about scholarships concerned the new Promise scholarship, part of the Tennessee Lottery. It was difficult to get an answer since it was so new, but we talked to several officials and here’s what we know:

If eligible, the Promise would cover two years’ tuition at a community or technical college, or other select colleges (Austin Peay is one). But to be eligible, you must go straight from high school to college. We did debate on whether or not to take a gap year after two years of college. But, ultimately, it doesn’t matter since I got a 30 on the ACT. With a 30, I can go to Austin Peay and get the highest bracket of scholarships and will probably get more than I need. If there is a difference in price between this and the Promise, it will be small. I will be applying to Austin Peay once early registration opens and we’ll find out then.

So, for now, the plan is for me to spend this fall working and saving up money. I will be living and working here in Kentucky from August to September. Then I’ll leave for Ukraine in January, come back during the summer, and go to Austin Peay in the fall of 2017. So far, taking a gap year has been a very good decision. 

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