Three months to go.

So, the countdown on the side bar is counting down to the 17th of January. But the DTS actually starts on the 15th, which means that in 83 days I will be in Vinnitsa! That’s less than three months!! Funds have been coming in pretty steadily from my support letters, so thank you so much! I’ve done the math and so far we have just over $3,000.

We’ve been brainstorming fundraising ideas for awhile now. At first, I didn’t have any solid ideas, but then my friend Jillian called me with a proposition. Last year, she and her friend Abby did a very successful fundraiser: the Maybelle and Dixie show. They’re teaming up again this year to help me and Abby’s sister go to YWAM. Abby’s sister is named Myra, which was my great-grandmother’s name. How cool is that? Today, I finally got to meet Myra in person as we planned out this year’s show. 

At 6:30 on November 4th, Maybelle and Dixie will return to Belmont Church! Tickets are $15 per person, bought at the door with either cash or check (no cards). The price covers a fun show, a hot drink, and dessert! Kids are free! There are a lot of fun acts in this show, so you don’t want to miss it. You can follow Maybelle and Dixie on Facebook for more information and fun previews as we get closer to time!

I will be announcing more fundraisers over the next few weeks. Thank you guys again for all your support!

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