Cinnamon Success!

So, I finally figured out how to edit the countdown timer. I changed it so it’s now counting down until our flight leaves Nashville. Look at it. LOOK AT IT!  We’ve passed the 50 day mark!!! It may still seem like a long time, but there’s still so much to do, and we have to do it in between Christmas celebrations! Speaking of Christmas/winter/YWAM, it’s now snowing in Ukraine and very, very cold. Have you seen the weather tracker lately? I’m going to need a big coat.

Now onto the main purpose of this post. The cinnamon roll fundraiser was a huge success! I ended up making 15 large and 9 small pans, which was far more than I expected! And I must say, I really enjoyed eating the tiny end pieces for a few days. Trust me, they were delicious! My last delivery day is tomorrow, so I don’t know exactly how much I’ll make in all.  If you missed getting to buy these treats, I’m doing round 2 because they were so popular. 

Sunday December 4th is the Christmas Marketplace at Belmont Church. I’ll be selling the rest of my cinnamon rolls there, as well as my Cuddle Buddies. These rice warmers are perfect for snuggling in the cold winter nights and come in cool patterns! You only need to microwave and they stay warm for quite a while. In addition to the long Cuddle Buddies which are selling for $15, we also will have several hand sized warmers for $5 a pair. My brother likes to call them Hand Toasties, and he was very happy to be my model.

 I'll post more about the patterns when I get the rest of my fabric laid out.
I’ll post more about the patterns when I get the rest of my fabric laid out.

Also, my friend Daniela Nichols has offered to help support me at the Marketplace with her stand. Her proceeds at the market will be split evenly between me and another missionary at our church, Joseph Watson, who travels to YWAM bases around the globe. But if you buy online and put in a note saying your supporting Emily Riggs, then 100% of your purchase will go to me. Here are some pictures from Daniela’s etsy shop

Hey, you know what else is happening soon? Christmas! Both Daniela’s cute crafts and the Cuddle Buddies make great gifts. Oh, and by the way, I’m almost to my goal! Several generous donations have come through in the past few weeks, although I still need a few hundred dollars. So if you’re still looking for a fun way to support me, there are still plenty of opportunities and plenty of time left! 

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