Outreach: Full Circle

After 3 weeks in Paris, we headed back to Lublin, Poland, where we spent our first night of Outreach so many weeks ago. Luckily, we didn’t break down anywhere on this trip. We made it to our hostel in Krakow after almost 17 straight hours in the car, leaving at 4 AM. In Krakow, the Yarbrough’s took their leave and got on a train home so they could prepare for our last week in Vinnitsa. We were sad that they couldn’t join us for our ministry in Lublin, although we were glad for the extra car space. 😉

We were very busy in Lublin, as well. They took us evangelizing three times in the ten days we were there, each time located in beautiful Old Town. We were able to pray for several people on these days. Our team also organized a couple youth events for the new youth group the church just started and helped their leader come up with ideas to lead in the future. 

Our main project at the church, though, was re-doing the youth room. We gave it a desperately needed coat of paint, scrubbed the floors (literally, on our hands and knees), and painted some boxes to create a table, bookshelves, and coffee bar. I wish we had taken a before picture because the transformation was beautiful! Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to see the project completed, but we definitely gave it a good jump start. 

We were very fortunate to visit the Majdanek concentration camp. One of the leaders from the church, Anthony, lives right next door and admission is free. He led us around on a personal tour. It was the first concentration camp I’ve visited, and it was heartbreaking. Even I don’t have the words to fully describe it. We saw the ovens where they burned the bodies of the victims they killed and the pile of human ashes that has been turned into a memorial. You could still see some bones. But it was the shoes that really broke me.

We also had the opportunity to do our intercessory prayer at the camp. After walking through the gas chambers, there was a little grassy area where most people sat down to process. Our team sat down and prayed for the Christians who are still being persecuted today in similar or even worse methods. It was an incredibly powerful and emotional time. 

Our time at Lublin quickly came to an end, but at that point, we were all ready to get back to Vinnitsa. Praise the Lord, the border was clear and we made it through in 35 minutes as opposed to the expected 3+ hours. We made it back no problem and are now in our final week of the DTS. This week we are learning how to process what we’ve learned, how to share our story and testimonies, and how to transition back into our home lives. Tomorrow is our last day of class, we will have a graduation ceremony on Saturday, and on Monday I will be flying home. These next few days will be very emotional for our whole team; saying goodbye is never easy. We would all appreciate your prayers during this time. 

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