Once Again…

Ya’ll knew this announcement would be coming sooner or later. I’ve always constantly been looking forward to my next mission trip. That’s right, I’m stepping out in faith and heading back to my beloved Ukraine this summer!

While the official dates have not been set in stone, I know that it will be around the second week of June, and I will be gone for little under two weeks. I will be working with the YWAM base in Kiev this time around, helping out with an orphan camp, childcare for the staff, and ministering to refugees from the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Of course, I am also trying to arrange a side trip to Vinnitsa, and will hopefully be able to pop back into Plyskiv, the institution for adults with special needs. I am super excited for this trip and the ministries we are planning!

I’m still trying to determine exactly how much this trip will cost, but the rough estimate at the moment is around $1,500. I am doing a fundraising drive later this month, once again selling my popular cinnamon rolls! These were very popular last time, and I love making (and eating) them! Large pans with approximately 15-20 rolls are selling for $15, and small pans with 9-12 are going to be $10. I’m aiming to make them the weekend of April 21st-22nd, so go ahead and get those orders in! My Hoptown friends, this includes you, too! I already know I will be in the area in late April anyway, so don’t worry about being too far away for these treats!

If you would like to donate separate from the fundraiser, you can go here and donate through my Paypal link. Every dollar helps! 

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