Fighting Russian Propaganda

When the war first started, I made a video series on some of the biggest lies that Russia was telling its people. Unfortunately, these stories have crept into American media as well, which is why I am continuing to fight it by spreading the truth. I’ve turned those videos into a blogpost so it’s easierContinue reading “Fighting Russian Propaganda”

What a Puzzle: Perplexed but Not Driven to Despair

Today marks the one-year anniversary of when we arrived out here in the Wild West. What a journey it’s been. And not just our 3 day drive across 7 states while Mitch was stricken with hives. Sometimes it’s felt like Covid dictated our lives in the past nearly 2 years. Sometimes it does feels likeContinue reading “What a Puzzle: Perplexed but Not Driven to Despair”

Lessons from the Farm

Growing up, I had three living great-grandparents on my mother’s side: Myra Houk (Granny) and Mack and Virginia Breazeale (Papaw and Big Grandmama). But we weren’t just vaguely aware of each other’s existence, we knew each other. Granny saw me take my first steps and decided to move to Nashville to be closer to me.Continue reading “Lessons from the Farm”

Falling into Place

I feel like I’ve barely started this blog and now I’m already behind! Some of you know that I took care of my great-grandmother for a few months. She passed away in June, and every week following I had one crazy event or another, which is why I haven’t been able to get online to blog.Continue reading “Falling into Place”