We are currently in Romania helping Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war. We are planning to stay for about a year before we can hopefully return to Ukraine, but we can’t do that without a strong support system. YWAM “staff” are all volunteers; we are not paid and fundraise everything ourselves. Whether a one-time donation or monthly commitment, everything helps! There are two organizations that process donations for us and give you a tax write-off.

IMPORTANT: no matter which method you choose, you MUST include the correct identifying information to make sure your donation reaches us. Both processing organizations deal with multiple missionaries, so this step is very important. 

To donate through PayPal or Cashapp, use these links through the Business for Orphans (aka Dignata) organization. Make sure to pick our names in the drop-down menu to ensure the funds can come quickly and directly to us. You can even set up a recurring payment on PayPal if you’d like to be a monthly donor.$Dignata

To donate with a debit card or send a check, we use Missions Enablers International (MEI).  When donating through MEI please include our member number: LM3493 in the notes section online or with a separate note if sending a check.

Donates | Mission Enablers International (

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues.

Thank you for your support, we appreciate it!

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