How to Help Ukraine

The cafe in our village where we used to have team meetings.

What YOU Can do to Help Ukraine

1. Donate to our team: In addition to providing food and basic supplies for refugees, we are trying to buy a vehicle to help transport people to safety. We work often with single mom families and children who have already evacuated from a war zone once.

2. Send supplies to Ukraine. The shelves are running low after just a week. Many places are doing donation drives and then sending it to Ukraine. Check in your local area and see what is available.

3. Contact your governments and ask them to stand with Ukraine by sending military support. The US and UK agreed to protect Ukraine if it gave up nuclear weapons according to the 1994 Budapest Memorandum. Call your representatives (!/ ) and senators ( ). To contact the White House go here ( ) Also call the U.N. And NATO ( ) and demand they institute a no fly zone over Ukraine. If the skies were closed Ukraine has an even greater fighting chance. I know they are scared of WWIII but the truth is it is already here. Ask them when they think Putin will stop? He won’t.

4. Pray. Please pray. We have seen so many miracles of God’s goodness at work. So many testimonies that we will hopefully be able to share when things settle down.

Reliable News

Unfortunately Russian propaganda has crept its way into American media. Here are some reliable websites, people, and apps that we personally trust to see what is really happening in Ukraine. My YouTube video goes more into depth about these sources.

  1. Download Live UA Map:
  3. Kyiv Independent. Website: Twitter: Telegram:
  4. President Zelensky’s twitter:
  5. Xenasolo TikTok:
  6. Kari Odermann Twitter: She also has a TikTok.
  7. Natasha’s Russia Twitter: TikTok: She also has a TikTok account. She has protested the war and spoken in favor of Ukraine before, though she has to be extra careful right now. She is our most reliable look into Russia right now.
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