Remembering Our Month in Ukraine

This time last year, we were so busy I didn’t get to write a lot about our time in Ukraine. It only lasted for one month, and we were living in the moment and soaking it up as much as we could. Let me back up even further. In October of 2021, we had decidedContinue reading “Remembering Our Month in Ukraine”

For Such a Time As This: 2022

It’s hard to believe the year is nearly over. In some ways it has been one of the longest years ever, and in others it has flown by. If you had told us in January that we would spend the majority of the year living and serving in Romania, and that we would have aContinue reading “For Such a Time As This: 2022”

Ukrainian Decal Stickers

My dad organized this awesome fundraiser for us! These Stand With Ukraine decal stickers are beautiful and full of symbolism. But if you’re not familiar with Ukrainian culture and history, it’s a little harder to understand. So I’ve broken it down, letter by letter. U: Wheat Fields Starting with the letter U we can seeContinue reading “Ukrainian Decal Stickers”

Fighting Russian Propaganda

When the war first started, I made a video series on some of the biggest lies that Russia was telling its people. Unfortunately, these stories have crept into American media as well, which is why I am continuing to fight it by spreading the truth. I’ve turned those videos into a blogpost so it’s easierContinue reading “Fighting Russian Propaganda”

Roma Kids Ministry

So, luckily, I still get to do my favorite part of ministry while in Poland. Playing with kids! This is definitely an area where God has gifted me; I love coming and playing with them no matter how much work we’ve already done that day. We can’t understand a word each other says (they don’tContinue reading “Roma Kids Ministry”

A Very Polish Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Yes, I know I’m a few days late for Easter. But, you see, here in Poland the main celebration lasts two days. It started with your typical Easter Sunday celebrations. Our church service is at 4:00 PM, so we had a relaxing morning of reflection and an Easter egg hunt. For theContinue reading “A Very Polish Easter”

5 Things I’ve Learned About Ukraine

Wow, what a week! Our guest speaker, Sergey Glushko, taught on identity in Christ and led us in several different ministries. We attended Sasha’s baptism, visited another orphanage, and ministered with some rehab programs for addicts. It’s been quite the emotional, tiring week, but it was amazing. So now time for some fun! Here are fiveContinue reading “5 Things I’ve Learned About Ukraine”