Bittersweet Pascha

Today, Orthodox Christians around the globe celebrate Pascha, or Easter. Actually the services started yesterday, vigils held at midnight. Lent is over, fasting is broken, and Christ is Risen! This is always, always Good News. And yet there is a pervasive, bittersweet sorrow among Ukrainians who celebrate today. It has been 60 days of war.Continue reading “Bittersweet Pascha”

Theophany and Baptism

About 2 weeks ago, we got baptized and chrismated in the Orthodox Church! It was a beautiful service and a special time. We posted earlier about how we became catechumens of the church. It’s frequently put this way: becoming catechumens is the engagement, and being baptized and chrismated is the wedding. Not everyone who entersContinue reading “Theophany and Baptism”

Joyous Feast! Blessed Nativity!

While most of you reading this have already packed away the tree and decorations, today we celebrated Christmas! This is our first Christmas in the Orthodox Church, and it looks a little different. The biggest difference is the date. Many orthodox churches still follow and use the old Julian calendar. The Julian calendar replaced theContinue reading “Joyous Feast! Blessed Nativity!”

A Very Polish Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Yes, I know I’m a few days late for Easter. But, you see, here in Poland the main celebration lasts two days. It started with your typical Easter Sunday celebrations. Our church service is at 4:00 PM, so we had a relaxing morning of reflection and an Easter egg hunt. For theContinue reading “A Very Polish Easter”