Fighting Russian Propaganda

When the war first started, I made a video series on some of the biggest lies that Russia was telling its people. Unfortunately, these stories have crept into American media as well, which is why I am continuing to fight it by spreading the truth. I’ve turned those videos into a blogpost so it’s easierContinue reading “Fighting Russian Propaganda”

The Best Class I Took in College

Way back in the Spring semester of 2019, before the war, before the pandemic, and before we even got married, I took a class called Russian History at Trevecca Nazarene University. I had to argue why I should take a specialized upper level history course instead of the basic world history requirement. But thankfully, afterContinue reading “The Best Class I Took in College”

Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

I’m back! The last six months have been insanely busy for me between getting married, finishing Sophomore Year, helping Mitch move, and apartment flood, etc. Despite the craziness, it was a good semester and I learned a lot. So now I’m back and I have a ton of planned blogposts sharing some of the thingsContinue reading “Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing”

Roma Kids Ministry

So, luckily, I still get to do my favorite part of ministry while in Poland. Playing with kids! This is definitely an area where God has gifted me; I love coming and playing with them no matter how much work we’ve already done that day. We can’t understand a word each other says (they don’tContinue reading “Roma Kids Ministry”