War Stories: Day 20-21, From Ukraine to Romania

3.15.2022. We are leaving Ukraine today. I have no words. It is very emotional. We left around 8:30am and are now sitting at the border at 12:30, but we have been here for awhile. Maybe since 12. The line is not too bad. We are only a 1/4 mile away now. We are praying theyContinue reading “War Stories: Day 20-21, From Ukraine to Romania”

Remembering Our Month in Ukraine

This time last year, we were so busy I didn’t get to write a lot about our time in Ukraine. It only lasted for one month, and we were living in the moment and soaking it up as much as we could. Let me back up even further. In October of 2021, we had decidedContinue reading “Remembering Our Month in Ukraine”

For Such a Time As This: 2022

It’s hard to believe the year is nearly over. In some ways it has been one of the longest years ever, and in others it has flown by. If you had told us in January that we would spend the majority of the year living and serving in Romania, and that we would have aContinue reading “For Such a Time As This: 2022”

What a Puzzle: Perplexed but Not Driven to Despair

Today marks the one-year anniversary of when we arrived out here in the Wild West. What a journey it’s been. And not just our 3 day drive across 7 states while Mitch was stricken with hives. Sometimes it’s felt like Covid dictated our lives in the past nearly 2 years. Sometimes it does feels likeContinue reading “What a Puzzle: Perplexed but Not Driven to Despair”

Once Again…

Ya’ll knew this announcement would be coming sooner or later. I’ve always constantly been looking forward to my next mission trip. That’s right, I’m stepping out in faith and heading back to my beloved Ukraine this summer! While the official dates have not been set in stone, I know that it will be around theContinue reading “Once Again…”

Achieve Camp

Last week, I had an incredible opportunity to go to Camp Bighorn in Montana to be with teens and adults with special needs. Over the course of the four-day camp, we took them through a ropes course, rock climbing, zip-lining, rafting, horse-back-riding, and swimming! We played games, made some crafts, and created lifetime memories. ThisContinue reading “Achieve Camp”

Loving Home, Missing Home

“Re-Entry.” It’s the term missionaries use to describe their coming home process, comparing it to the part of the rocket ship landing where the rocket re-enters the earth’s atmosphere. While the astronaut is glad to be back in a familiar place on earth, re-entry is rough. It’s fiery, painful, disorienting, and a full bag ofContinue reading “Loving Home, Missing Home”

DTS Ukraine: A Summary

I’ve been putting this post off for a few days now (also my computer broke, but I should have had this done before that happened). It’s not going to be my last blog post, but it is the last one for DTS. I’m readjusting to life back in the States fairly well, but I alsoContinue reading “DTS Ukraine: A Summary”