Six Months of War and Ukrainian Independence Day

Memories are weird. Sometimes they come out of nowhere, hitting hard and fast.  Yesterday I was out running errands and looking out the window of my taxi, like I normally do. The houses are interesting here, and the grape vines that most homes seem to have are almost ripe. We got to this one sectionContinue reading “Six Months of War and Ukrainian Independence Day”

Ukrainian Decal Stickers

My dad organized this awesome fundraiser for us! These Stand With Ukraine decal stickers are beautiful and full of symbolism. But if you’re not familiar with Ukrainian culture and history, it’s a little harder to understand. So I’ve broken it down, letter by letter. U: Wheat Fields Starting with the letter U we can seeContinue reading “Ukrainian Decal Stickers”

Fighting Russian Propaganda

When the war first started, I made a video series on some of the biggest lies that Russia was telling its people. Unfortunately, these stories have crept into American media as well, which is why I am continuing to fight it by spreading the truth. I’ve turned those videos into a blogpost so it’s easierContinue reading “Fighting Russian Propaganda”

Bittersweet Pascha

Today, Orthodox Christians around the globe celebrate Pascha, or Easter. Actually the services started yesterday, vigils held at midnight. Lent is over, fasting is broken, and Christ is Risen! This is always, always Good News. And yet there is a pervasive, bittersweet sorrow among Ukrainians who celebrate today. It has been 60 days of war.Continue reading “Bittersweet Pascha”

The Best Class I Took in College

Way back in the Spring semester of 2019, before the war, before the pandemic, and before we even got married, I took a class called Russian History at Trevecca Nazarene University. I had to argue why I should take a specialized upper level history course instead of the basic world history requirement. But thankfully, afterContinue reading “The Best Class I Took in College”

Controversy in the Orthodox Church

One of the questions we often get now that we are baptized is “what type of Orthodox Church do you belong to? Is it the same as Greek Orthodox?” And with the war between Ukraine and Russia, these have expanded into “Were you going to Russian Orthodox Churches? What’s up with the split of theContinue reading “Controversy in the Orthodox Church”

Why I Love Ukraine

I could write a book about the many reasons I love Ukraine, the country that stole my heart 5 years ago and is breaking it now. I could go on and on about the culture, the food, the landscape, the history, the architecture, the churches and the art. But the biggest reason I fell inContinue reading “Why I Love Ukraine”

One Week of War

Originally written on March 3rd, 2022. Pictures are from the first 2 weeks. I have not brushed my hair in a week. For some reason in the early morning chaos of last Thursday, I looked at my hairbrush for a split second and thought: “that’s not really necessary, I can get another one wherever we’reContinue reading “One Week of War”